Did NASA Capture A Photo Of An Alien On The Moon? [VIDEO]
Is this image caught by NASA an alien taking a Sunday stroll on the moon, or just a figure created by rocks, craters and shadows?  Whatever it is, it sure is an odd figure on the moon.  My immediate thought is that it was drawn by someone trying to pull off a hoax.  However, the poste…
Roswell’s UFO Festival Still Going Strong
I am a huge believer in that we are not alone in the Universe.  I believe that I have even seen a UFO or two in my time.  And I am not alone.  Thousands will flock to Roswell this weekend to participate in the annual UFO Festival.
The 6 Most Famous Alien Abductions
Some say alien abductions are nothing more than fevered, unexplained night visions that make their victims believe they were the guinea pig of an interstellar joyride.
Others believe the stories as cold hard fact, that aliens are using humans to unlock all of the mysteries of the universe, which may …
UFO’s Or Baloons Over The Amarillo Skies On Friday?
Friday night I'm at the fair and everything is all normal, then all of the sudden out of nowhere 2 lights show up in the sky.  Everyone's eyes focus on the lights as they appear to be moving towards us.  Memories of the satellite that was earth bound enter our minds and the speculation is that they …

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