Amarillo – Bank Of America Robbed The Day After Christmas
Someone must have got some cat poop in their stocking or something.  Typically, the day after Christmas, we're all out returning the stuff we didn't want and spending the money we got from grandma.  But somebody was naughty and didn't get enough I guess, so they went and took it out on a Bank of America in Amarillo by robbing them!
Bill Ware Of Amarillo National Bank Dies At 63
Crazy news here!  You may not know who Bill Ware is, but you definitely know the business him and his family helped create.  A little banking company called Amarillo National Bank!  Yeah, this guy has in one way or another, helped you buy something.  Financed your house, maybe carried your student loans, or gave you a chance to buy that new car you wanted.  Bill was the executive vice president fo