Crazy news here!  You may not know who Bill Ware is, but you definitely know the business him and his family helped create.  A little banking company called Amarillo National Bank!  Yeah, this guy has in one way or another, helped you buy something.  Financed your house, maybe carried your student loans, or gave you a chance to buy that new car you wanted.  Bill was the executive vice president for ANB and had been struggling with illness that sadly caught up to him today.

Bill was very involved in the Amarillo community and did more then his fair share for our city.  He not only donated his money, but gave his precious time to help further Amarillo as a growing community.

He was involved with the Don Harrington Cancer Center, KIDS Inc, BSA and so many more!

Truly, a great individual and a very successful man!

Say a prayer for the Ware family tonight!

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