We all know the struggle. Having just a few bucks left till payday which is still three or four days away.  Taco Bell has a great new item on the menu that will fill you up for cheap.

I was driving around town yesterday thinking what do I want to eat for dinner. Normally I have my son with me so I cook something at home. But he was with his Mom so I only had to worry about feeding myself.

I could have gone home and whipped up something in the kitchen. But I did not feel like waiting for something to cook. I wanted something fast. However I also did not want to spend a lot of money.

Luckily I was on 34th and Washington. This corner seems to be my lucky place. It was there just a month ago I saw a house in the middle of the road.

On that same corner there is a Taco Bell. They have some new items on the menu. They have The Triple Melt Burrito and The Triple Melt Nachos.

Credit: TSM

Both items on the menu were just one dollar. Which was perfect. I had a bottle of water from work so I did not need to buy a drink. The whole meal cost me just a few bucks. You can't beat that!

They tasted great and quite filling. Take a look at this great little cheap meal.

Credit: TSM
Credit: TSM

Know of any other quick meals for cheap? I want to start a list of ideas of places to go to eat cheap till payday. Tell me your favorite go to spot in the comment section below.