What is Christmas without something sweet.  You cannot have Christmas dinner with out some sweet desserts to end the meal.  Everyone should get to enjoy a delicious, pie, cake, candy at the end of their Christmas Meal.   That's why the Salvation Army is asking for you help.  The Salvation Army needs desserts to serve with their Christmas meal.


The Salvation Army will be serving Christmas dinner on Christmas day.  They serve this dinner from 12p - 2p at the Salvation Army at 400 S. Harrison.  They will have restaurant style dining with a hostess and a sit-down dinner, servers and lots of great conversation.  However a Christmas meal isn't complete with out dessert.

You're cooking up desserts for your Christmas celebration so why not just make an extra pie or cake or an extra batch of cookies or candy.  If you are interested in helping out the Salvation Army then drop your dessert off to them at 400 S. Harrison by 12pm on Christmas Eve.

If you need more information call the Salvation Army at 373-6631

If you don't have anywhere to spend Christmas then feel free to join the family of the Salvation Army

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