Spring High School Stabbing
A 17 year old male student of Spring High School, located in the suburbs near Houston, TX, was fatally stabbed on campus today.  The stabbing leaves 1 dead, and 3 more injured.
Amarillo Police Investigate Fatal Forklift/Truck Crash
Around 7:30a, Amarillo police officers were dispatched to a traffic collision in the 4600 block of Bushland Blvd.  Upon arrival, officers learned that a forklift collided with a Ford F-350 truck while the forklift operator was trying to cross Bushland Blvd.  The driver of the forklift sust…
Man Dies In Plane Crash In Southeast Amarillo
We broke the story about the plane crash that happened in southeast Amarillo this morning, but the details were sketchy to say the least when we reported it.  No details about the crash or passenger(s) inside it had been released.  We still haven't gotten anything from APD, but Amaril…