Kate Walsh Goes Nude For Shape Magazine! [Photos]
If I was Kate Walsh, I'd be showing it all off too!  The 44 year old actress is in incredibly good shape for her age, can you say MILF?  Is she a grandmother?  If she is then it's GILF.  Either way, she's hot, mature, and naked on the cover of Shape magazine!
Naked Woman Skinny Dips With Whales to Tame Them [VIDEO]
Russian diver Natalia Avseenko decided to bare all in an attempt to tame two beluga whales who dwell in the cold Arctic waters.
Scientists believe that beluga wales strongly dislike the feeling of synthetic materials and wanted to experiment with going au natural instead of donning the traditional di…
Man Attempts to Run Marathon Nude
It was likely meant to be a joke, but nude marathon runner Brett S. Henderson wasn't laughing Sunday when he got tased by police officers and slapped with public indecency and obstructing official business charges.
The 35-year-old Cincinnati resident was running -- sans clothes -- in Sunday&apos…