The Thing You Do Everyday is Turned 25
The first time this happened was in December of 1992. We text each other every day. The first text message was sent from an engineer in England from his computer to his friend's cell phone. The message said "Merry Christmas". It was the first text message ever sent...
Ghost In Amarillo
If you are someone dating in Amarillo, this most likely happened to you at least once. I am talking about "Ghosting".
Would You Snoop Through a Partner’s Email and Texts?
Privacy seems to be an antiquated notion, especially when it comes to our personal lives. Not only are more and more people splashing details on social media sites for all the world to see, but lots of us have become increasingly nosy about what our romantic partners are doing, too.
Canyon, TX Bans Texting While Driving
It's about freaking time a city in the Texas Panhandle stepped up and did this!  Now I'm not saying anything, but I totally knew that Canyon, TX would be the first city in the area to pass a ban on using devices while driving.  Because the cops there have absolutely nothing to do but pull people over for going 1mph over the speed limit.  I'm sure there is a meth-lab somewhere in Canyon, but that's
Golden State Warriors And Monta Ellis Sued For Sexting
Former Golden State Warriors employee, Erika Ross Smith, is suing the team and Monta Ellis for sexual harassment.  Smith alleges that Ellis sexually harassed her from November 2010 to January 2011 with a series of text messages and explicit pictures.  The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday, so you could say the war has begun and the Warriors better be ready to battle (I'm so hilarious!).