It's about freaking time a city in the Texas Panhandle stepped up and did this!  Now I'm not saying anything, but I totally knew that Canyon, TX would be the first city in the area to pass a ban on using devices while driving.  Because the cops there have absolutely nothing to do but pull people over for going 1mph over the speed limit.  I'm sure there is a meth-lab somewhere in Canyon, but that's not important to them I guess.  Anyways, I digress, this is a good thing, I need to be positive about it, so I'll say that I totally approve of this ban!

The Canyon City Commission met on Monday night and passed a proposal to ban use of devices while driving.

Actions prohibited under the new law will include texting, using the Internet, sending emails and yes even typing in GPS directions.  It DOES NOT include talking on a cell phone, so that's still free and clear.

The ban will go into effect on August 1st, 2012.

Who thinks we need this in Amarillo?


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