If you are reading this, you owe it in part to a lineman. Charging your laptop, phone, watching TV, keeping your food cold in the fridge and freezer, plus many other conveniences we never give a second thought to all depend on electricity. Our access to electricity can attributed to the hard work of linemen.


April 18 has been set aside as a day to show appreciation to linemen and women for their work. Today we went in search of linemen on the job to show our appreciation and hand out a few gift cards to help out with lunch.

The guys were a lot of fun to chat with, and none of them had any idea that a day had been set aside just for them. National Lineman Appreciation Day didn’t go into effect until 2013. It’s easy to see why not many have heard of a “National Day” that has only been around for five years.


Their work is dangerous. Their job is a treacherous one, in and out of times of crisis or disaster. Today, show a little appreciation and say thanks to the men and women who help keep the lights on.

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