I gotta say, convenience store workers simply do not get paid enough money for this!  How you going to pay somebody $7 an hour to risk their life everyday for your store, and on top of that, expect them to have a good attitude at work!?  It just makes no sense, and that's why I bet the clerk that was working at Taylor's Food Mart at 1600 Amarillo BLVD. (I believe all Taylor's in Amarillo are now CEFCO's) is looking for a different line of work after he got robbed early this morning.

According to police, the suspect fled the scene heading south bound on Wilson St.  The clerk described him as a black male, about 5ft 8in and around 200 lbs and I guess he was just the nicest criminal on the planet from this report courtesy of Pro News 7.

Connect Amarillo:

The suspect was wearing a blue hat and blue shorts. He did not threaten or brandish a weapon, police said.

The clerk told police the suspect claimed he didn't want to hurt anyone and that he only wanted the money.

An investigation is ongoing in the case.  And police say, "they don't want to hurt the criminal, just arrest him".

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