I am so tired of this problem..BULLYING...Do we need to educate parents more about talking to our younger generation about Teen Bullying! This video disgusts me to the point I wanted to throw up. A 17-year-old from Chicago was brutally beaten by a pack of six attackers and it wall recorded and posted on Youtube. For more the three minutes the victim is punched, kicked, and bashed in the head with ice blocks. He was also dragged around and they pummeled him so bad that they left him without his shoes on in the snow! Many of the kids faces were covered and they wore hoodies as they yelled racial words to the victim who appears to be Asian. The attackers took the victims $180.00 and his shoes. After being cornered in an apparent dead end and holding up his hands, the teen eventually escapes and dashes off in seek for help.



I hope these kids get caught and charged as adults to the maximum punishment! This is so wrong and disturbing. My prayers are with the victim. All I ask is if you ever witness something like this 'Speak up, Stop Bullying'!