We are in our own little world sometimes aren't we? There are Texans...and then there is everyone else in the country! A friend of mine sent me this picture and I had a good laugh. This person wanted it known that they are from TX, don't let the California license plate fool ya! 

So other than displaying it proudly on your ride, how do we give ourselves away? Tell me you're from Texas without telling me you're from Texas? I did it just a few minutes ago...

  • if you're having a conversation with someone and you didn't hear what they say, you respond with DO WHAT? That's me, say it all the time, 'do what? I didn't hear you.'
  • if you have ever moved and instead of tying down your household items with bungees or rope or something of that nature, you have your buddies on the back of your truck or trailer holding your things down! Who needs that crap when you have friends? lol
  • you have ever been driving down a Texas highway and passed someone going the actual speed limit and thought to yourself, 'why the heck is this fool driving so slow?' You are definitely a Texan!
  • during this time of year, your work, play and even 'Sunday best' consists of some Texas Tech, Longhorns, Cowboys and Texans gear and jerseys, you are a proud Texan supporting our Texas teams!

I have not even scratched the surface my fellow Texans! Tell me more, how does the rest of the world know we are from Texas right away?

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