Last year, with the Sod Poodles' season cancelled, we were still able to enjoy some baseball. We hosted two Texas Collegiate League teams; the Sod Squad and the Sod Dogs.

This year, the Sod Squad will be making a return to Hodgetown for the 2021 Collegiate League summer season.

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According to a press release put out today, Hodgetown will host 22 regular-season home games during the the 2021 season.

The Texas Collegiate League is the first "major collegiate summer wooden-bat league." According to the press release, they've played 18 seasons.

If you think back to last year, you'll remember the Sod Squad had an incredible season. It was a 22-11 season that ended with the Sod Squad clenching the North Division title.

There were several awards handed to the Sod Squad last year, including TCL Manager of the year which went to Brett Wellman.

Season tickets for the Texas Collegiate League go on sale tomorrow (3/25) at 10 AM. Individual game tickets will go on sale starting some time in mid-April, according to the press release.

The more observant among us may be wondering about the Sod Poodles, and how they're going to share the field with the Sod Squad. That's a good question. It's one that was addressed in the press release.

According to the press release, the Sod Squad will be in Hodgetown on the weeks when the Sod Poodles are on the road. It's a pretty standard custody agreement.

You can get all of the details and see the schedules on the Sod Poodles website Also, be sure to keep up with the Sod Poodles on social media for the latest news regarding ticket sales, and events at Hodgetown.

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