The Texas Department of Transportation wants to know what the citizens of Texas have to say about keeping large trucks out of the 'fast' lane on Interstate 40 in Amarillo. They will have a meeting held at 6 p.m. at the Amarillo District Human Resources conference Room at 5717 Canyon Drive. There will also be an information presentation that starts at 5:30.

The proposal concerns all highways with three or more lanes in cities across Texas. This would allow traffic to be less congested in large metro areas and cities similar in size to Amarillo including three or more lane streets . This would apply to all trucks with three or more axles or truck tractors .

This is a could be very dangerous and cause many problems for Texas drivers. This is a big concern to me because most large trucks are either going at or above speed limit so when vehicles are entering and exiting off ramps there will be large trucks they are trying to avoid. Truckers also view this is as a danger because they will be trying to avoid you when entering ramps as they have a duty to get from point A to point B.

Photo by Matt Cardy
Photo by Matt Cardy


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