A San Antonio mother Jennifer Vargas has pleaded guilty to assault charge after ripping her 6-year-old son's genitals during a rage and trying to repair the wound with glue.

Vargas admitted she was angry when she grabbed the boy by the scrotum and pull him as hard as she could, "thereby ripping his 'scrotum' and causing a laceration." The 6-year-old was in tremendous pain and was crying for help.

The mother attempted to try to repair the lacerated scrotum with alcohol and superglue! This has to be the DUMBEST mom I ever heard of! Also why was the mom touching him down there!

The father who is in the Army came home from work and found his son crying in his room, seen the wound and took him to a military hospital. The boy was treated and rushed into surgery for many hours.

Vargas pleaded guilty and will get 2 years in prison of supervised release.

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