In Amarillo, we are no stranger to true-crime television series investigating cases from the area. This time the news is coming from Centerville, Texas about a 35 year old case that has finally led to an arrest.

TV Series 'Cold Justice' Helped Solve The Crime

Thanks to the television series 'Cold Justice', an 84 year old Texas woman has been indicted on murder charges relating to the 1984 death of her husband.

According to reports, Norma Allbritton has been arrested for the murder of her husband. The 84 year-old was arrested earlier this month, according to news reports, putting to rest a case from 1984.

Cover Up Made It Look Like Robbery Gone Wrong

Reports state that Allbritton's husband was originally thought to be the victim of a home burglary gone wrong. He was shot several times with one of his own guns.

Those reports go on to state that the firearms belonging to Johnnie Allbritton had been laid out on a blanket. It made it look like Johnnie had come through the patio door to find his home be burglarized.

Reports do not state what the new evidence was that led to the indictment of Norma Allbritton.

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