In a sad and strange story, a woman in Texas has been arrested for her part in helping to starve a small child to death, according to police.

CBS News reports that 49-year old, Araceli Meza was charged with injury to a child causing serious bodily injury by omission after she allegedly helped starve a 2-year old boy to "rid him of demons". After the child died, a resurrection ceremony was held to revive the him. Then, according to police, the body was sent to Mexico without the death being reported.

Meza operated a church inside her home in Balch Springs, which is a suburb of Dallas, Texas. An anonymous tip lead police to her home, where other church members also lived.

The report goes on to say that witnesses told police that Meza and the boy's parents thought he "had a demon" inside of him, and that the only way to save him was fasting. Balch Springs police Lt. Mark Maret, said the boy had not received any food for several days.

"They didn't give the child any food for about 25 days," Maret said. "They just gave him some water, which ultimately caused the child to die." [CBS News]

One of the church members, Nazareth Zurita said she saw the child "looking frail and weak" the day before the resurrection ceremony, according to a police affidavit. She said the toddler fell and hit his head several times, but she hesitated to help him "due to his demon possession."

Police believe the boy died on March 21 or early the next day, and that the ceremony was held March 22 at Meza's home.

Meza is currently being held on a $100,000 bond.

You can see CBS's report in the player above.

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