Why do all crazy crooks think they can just plead insanity and get off of the charges they are facing?  Even more, why do the courts let crooks off the hook when they plead insanity?  I'll admit, the Jet Blue pilot that had a melt-down on flight 191, causing an emergency landing in Amarillo, is a little crazy.  But according to Amarillo Globe News, he's just going to rely on the insanity defense so that he doesn't face any consequences for his actions!  BOOOOOOOOOO!

Clayton "Crazy" Obson has a trial coming up for this whole ordeal of "disrupting a flight crew" and the suspended pilot is said to be filing a plea of insanity.

Amarillo Globe News


In a court motion filed Wednesday, Osbon’s attorneys notified federal prosecutors that he will contend he was insane at the time of his midair meltdown.

A Lubbock grand jury indicted Osbon earlier this month, alleging he “moved through the aircraft and was disruptive and had to be subdued and forcibly restrained from re-entering the cockpit,” the indictment said


So basically, the next time you get into any trouble of any kind, just say you were temporarily insane, and life should be just peachy!

I don't think this guy should just get off the charges!  His actions could have KILLED many innocent people!  Yet, he'll enter his plea of insanity and probably just get a slap on the wrist.

Who's with me on this one?

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