This makes me want to have children just so I can buy a van and nobody thinks I'm some weird-o kidnapper/rapist.  This van is freaking awesome!  It's 3 wheeled, all electric and the genius Swiss inventors designed it to open up like a Swiss Army Knife!

Losing the traditional van shape, which is basically a box on wheels, the new van from NAU looks more like a space-aged vehicle.

With only 3 wheels, a more aerodynamic shape, all electric motor and huge solar panels to keep the batteries fed, the van has changed the way I look at all vans in general.

The all electric motor can do 95mph which is actually pretty amazing for an all electric motor.

The camper-van also takes a 180 turn from the traditional, as they are crammed with more stuff fit into a tiny area then ever thought possible.  However, this new design that flips open like the Swiss Army knife will double in size when opened.  So it's much more spacious with plenty of room for your appliances and for you to sleep.

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