Back in the day, high school classes would only show “how a bill becomes a law” videos, but Rhett Felix, a teacher at Eureka High school outside of Peoria, Illinois, tried to spice things up a bit. He used clips from Comedy Central’s ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart‘ to educate his students about current events, but the local school board placed him on paid suspension once word got out.

The first-year government and law teacher showed his sophomore class three clips that referred to the sexual harassment allegations against republican presidential candidate Herman Cain.

Offers of health insurance discounts for physically active citizens, and euphemistic references to Cain’s former pizza business constituted some of the material.

Despite the easy access high school students have to ‘The Daily Show,’ parents found the clips had obscenities and sexual content inappropriate for students, and hinted at Felix’s apparent liberal bias.

“I look at what happened out at Penn State. Even though this doesn’t rise to that particular level, I would ask that this board look at these allegations and respond with appropriate resolve,” he said parent Thomas Enterline, who found the clips “deplorable.”

Felix’s suspension is temporary and school authorities confirm he hasn’t lost his job, although his future is still a bit up in the air. According to School Superintendent Randy Crump, “When he returns, he will be reassigned to another teaching assignment. That’s all I can share at this time.”

Watch what the students saw below and decided for yourself if the content was appropriate.

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