It's not only shocking news to learn about Michelle Duggar's pregnancy with her 20th child, according to experts it's also very risky!  You may know Michelle and her husband Jim Bob from TLC's reality show 19 Kids and Counting, a story much similar to There Was An Old Woman That Lived In A Shoe.  I believe the rhyme ends "had so many kids she didn't know what the f**k to do!"

You see Michelle experienced complications with her last child, Josie, who had to be delivered three and a half months early, weighing only 1 lb., 6 oz, according to news reports.  (Yahoo News)

The more pregnancies one has, the greater the risk of a bad outcome that could leave the children that are already born without a mother," said Dr. Philip Darney, director of the Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health at the University of California, San Francisco.

You see, statistically, as the number of births a woman gives increases, so does the risk for maternal or neonatal death.  A long time ago, Michelle made it into a category doctors call grand multiparity, which qualifies after a woman has given birth to 5 or more children.

Lets face it, being pregnant is rough on a woman's body.  It stretches things you wouldn't believe and I don't just mean the uterus.  It stretches muscles, bones and is extremely tough on a woman's organs and body all together!

She's taking a risk staying pregnant, but it is my professional opinion that they really seem to love each other and love having a big family.  They don't seem to be collecting well-fare so they seem to be taking care of it all on their own.  Kudos to them!  I say if child number 20 is what they want, then it's all in God's hands and he tends to make the best decision for everybody!

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