The world was more disgusted than anything last month when news of a transient getting his face chewed off by a drugged up zombie person hit radio, TV and the Internet.  Today, for the first time since the attack, he got up and walked around. Beware, these images could be disturbing!

I found the whole thing to be way beyond creepy.  Kids, stay off drugs, and don't eat a stranger's face!  When you eat a stranger's face, your eating every face that person's face has came in contact with.  So if the person who's face your eating was "friendly", than you may as well just eat a few hundred peoples faces all at once.

WWTDD reports on the update:

he is recovering, and doctors described him as “awake and alert”, though if any of them noticed that he looks like Rorschach from ‘Watchmen’ now they didn’t mention it.

Does your face hurt?  Because damn it is killing me!  You've seen it, you can't un-see it!  And if your sick minded like me, you want to see more.