Last Sunday, I captured a creepy picture here at the Kiss FM studio and it wasn't until later on that night I noticed something out of the ordinary in the picture.

We all know that I love ghost hunting. We also know that this building is haunted.  We've had several paranormal investigations in the building and all have caught a lot of activity here.

This last weekend a couple of my friends wanted a tour of the station basement to see where we caught some paranormal activity and to see if they experienced anything themselves.  As we walked around the building, I told them it would be a good idea for them to take pictures everywhere we went because you never know what we might pick up in the pictures.

A couple years ago we had the Tascosa cheerleaders in studio and we took a few "selfie" pics and it wasn't till they got home that they noticed a creepy figure in the background, click here to see.

So yes this place is haunted!  This is what showed up in a picture I took this weekend downstairs in the basement. This looks evil and does not look safe at all!