You've probably seen the yellow short-bus covered with cartoon characters around town and at many events and wondered what's up with that weird looking bus.

It gets a lot of stares, honks, and waves. If you look closely into the bus you will see the crew from "The Hacker Morning Show." After 3 years with the same paint job and look, a brand new shop called Laid Out Kustoms has offered to "Pimp My Bus." Laid Out Kustoms specializes in customizing all makes of vehicles. But have they ever worked on a school bus? I think not...After meeting up with the crew from Laid Out Kustoms, the challenge is on! From pimpin' out classic cars to vehicles straight from the factory, their work definitely stands out from other shops in town.

Their purpose is not only to customize cars, but to give back to the community and make your dream into a reality. They are also a part of many charities! Right now, they are restoring a 62' Chrysler 300 and donating it to the Make-A -Wish foundation for a raffle. Click here for more information on the raffle.

With all that said, "The Hacker Morning Show" is excited to hand over the keys to the short-bus. The reveal of the new bus will be at the home opener of the Amarillo Venom on March 19th at the Civic Center.

Check out the video of what "Laid Out Kustoms" is all about!


Thanks to Laid Out Kustoms, Twisted Rodz & Performance, Plato's Closet, Furniture Exchange, Once Upon a Child, Eddie Bull Extreme Exhaust, Amarillo Powder Coating, Coffee Memorial.

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