I found a free way to get some semi-professional pictures taken for my social media profile picture.

I had the same profile picture on my social media since my first day here at 96.9 KISS-FM. I figured since my hair doesn't look like that anymore, it is time for me to change that photo.

Charlie from our sister station, Mix 94.1 told me about the Hobby Lobby Challenge. It sounded so silly when he was explained it, but I gave it a listen.

The Hobby Lobby Challenge is when you go into Hobby Lobby and take what you find there and create some professional type photos. Everyone on twitter is doing it.

When we walked into the store on Bell Street, I was sure we would get kicked out right away. I also felt like a moron doing it. But after one or two photos, we started to get the hang of it.

We started to try to out do each other with every photo we took. Then we started helping each other come up with crazy ideas.

When we were finished these were the photos we came up with. Enjoy!

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