The United Way of Amarillo and Canyon kicked off their annual fundraising campaign last night at Starlight Ranch with a big show. The Spin Doctors made an appearance and played for a decent crowd at the venue.

Michael J. Rivera/TSM

The United Way of Amarillo And Canyon are looking to fund programs that benefit health, income, education and basic needs across the Panhandle region and the concert which sold over 600 tickets certainly provided a good start to those efforts.

The weather was perfect for the show, a little wind early on in the afternoon helped cool things down just in time for the start of the event at 7:30 when attendees were treated to a great insight to what the United Way does for the Texas Panhandle. Then the big moment.

The Spin Doctors Take The Stage

Michael J. Rivera/TSM

Just about 8pm the first notes out of Eric Schenkmans guitar signaled the start of the show and the Spin Doctors swung into action with a very bluesy start with What Time Is It which itself is a throwback to the commercially successful 1991 album Pocket Full of Kryptonite. Lead singer Chris Barron did a wonderful job keeping the crowd entertained between songs and managed to throw a few high kicks and jumps across the stage throughout the evening showing that the band clearly hasn't lost a step and actually enjoys playing on stage. Noticeably absent was bass player Mark White but his substitute filled in beautifully and Aaron Comess handled his sticks behind the drums and kept the tempo all night.

Michael J. Rivera/TSM

The crowd enjoyed plenty of favorites and radio staples like Jimmy Olsen's Blues, Pocket Full Of Kryptonite and the set was closed out with Two Princes. Did you go? share your pictures with us! We have a few to share too

The Spin Doctors Take The Stage At Starlight Ranch in Amarillo

The Spin Doctors visited Amarillo as part of the United Way of Amarillo and Canyon's kickoff for the 2021/2022 campaign to promote awareness about the group and their efforts in the Texas Panhandle

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