Painters tape, it's tape you put up to keep from getting paint on the ceiling, the baseboards, etc., to keep from getting paint on those areas when you are painting a wall.  It's a life saver for someone who isn't very good at painting.  However, painter's tape can be an art.  This week it is going to be an art honoring our local police officers. 


Blue tapes
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Have you heard about Tape Art?  Apparently it's a form of art that popped up in the 80's in Rhode Island.  Artists would do tape art on the sidewalks and different public places at night. Beautiful pieces of art in tape.   Then, 24 hours later these beautiful pieces of art were gone.

The Tape Art crew is a evolving group that has created over 500 murals across the country.

Coming up tomorrow, August 19th, the Tape Art Crew will be making their way into Amarillo.  The Citadelle Art Foundation will be bringing in this talented crew to create an amazing piece of art at the Amarillo Police Department.

The public is encouraged to attend on Wednesday, August 9th at 3:30pm at the Amarillo Police Department. Plus, you'll have a chance to contribute to this community art project.

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