Being a sports fan in 2020 is rough. Even if your favorite sport is still attempting to have a season; there's a good chance that attendance is limited if allowed at all.

Dallas today made changes to season ticket holders due to reduced attendance. The MLB's cardboard cutouts of fans, instead of having fans in the stadium, have become the perfect fodder for memes; and tonight marks the last Thirsty Thursday of the 2020 season at Hodgetown.

A lot of us went in to the 2020 season with high hopes for the Sod Poodles. We were reigning champs. The All-Star game was supposed to happen here. We kept hoping for a season.

Then the MLB made the announcement that they wouldn't be supplying players, and our hopes were dashed.

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All was not lost, as we've been host to the Sod Squad and Sod Dogs for the TCL this summer. Theme nights became a thing again. There were hot dogs, beers, and fireworks downtown once more.

Both teams are doing well. The Sod Squad is sitting in first place right now in the TCL North standings. The Sod Dogs are only two games behind them.

It's just hard to believe that the regular season is almost over. This is the last week. Then it's on to the postseason.

Thank you to the Sod Squad and the Sod Dogs, and the TCL for keeping baseball alive in Hodgetown, as best you could, during this absolutely insane year.

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