We've waited all season long on 'The Voice' for this night to come, and alas, it has fallen into our laps!

Filled with contestants and musicians a plenty, there were whozits and whatzits galore in tonight's two hour finale, and the show founds its winner in..... drumroll please... Cassadee Pope!

If you look at past episodes, you can basically tell the foreshadowing of her big W was so thick, Christina Aguilera's blinged out fans would have trouble cutting it.

But they technically all walked away winners, because thanks to the show's sponsorship by Kia Motors, each of the three contestants walked away with a new car!

Here's what went down tonight!

  • Rihanna sang her latest song 'Diamonds.' Rocking her signature short black hair, it was as if the old Rihanna was back in action with her head on straight, because she gave a pretty spot-on performance, but uh, it was a tad boring.
  • Finalist Terry McDermott performed 'I Wanna Rock & Roll All Night' with former contestants Michaela Paige, Amanda Brown, Bryan Keith, and Rudy Parris. It was as high energy as you'd imagine, complete with the killer breakdown at the end. Their voices blended nicely together, and Michaela still has a mohawk.
  • Other finalist Nicholas David performed 'Cruisin' with Smokey Robinson, and it was laid back and simple, but believe it or not, neither of their voices truly moved us during this performance, which is odd considering Robinson is such a legend. And it just reminded us of this.
  • The Killers performed 'Here With Me' with Pope. The song itself is ballad-rock - that's not a thing -- and as much as we love the band, we were dying for something uptempo to knock us off our butts.
  • newly engaged Kelly Clarkson asked Pope and McDermott to join her on a performance of 'Catch My Breath.' As usual, Clarkson sounded just like the album version of the song; seriously, her vocals are so flawless it makes us roll our eyes in pure jealousy.
  • Pope returned to the stage for a rendition of 'It's Time' by Imagine Dragons, and brought along Melanie Martinez, Liz Davis, and De'borah! The girls sounded amazing together and harmonized so well that we actually wished the performance went on longer. And man did we miss us some De'borah!
  • McDermott sang with legendary singer Peter Frampton. The two shared a nice and pretty version of 'Baby I Love Your Way' with us.
  • Loren Allred, Jocelyn RiveraDevyn Deloera, Sylvia Yacoub and Adriana Louise all reunited for a performance of 'Best of My Love,' which was perfectly entertaining, if not too "pink" -- the color, not the singer. Seriously though, all of the groups of former contestants can be turned into a band.
  • Bruno Mars debuted a new song on the show, 'When I Was Your Man,' and his voice was as smooth as a baby's bottom. But he could've taken off his sunglasses ... it was kind of dark in there.
  • It was Nicholas David's turn to bring back some of his favorites: Trevin Hunte, Dez Duron and Amanda Brown. The group sang 'End of the Road' by Boyz II Men and it was easily the best performance of the night. The electricity between each of them was crazy, and it was clear that this group was a group of close friends formed during the show, as David stated. And we missed hearing Trevin!
  • Pope performed yet again, this time with her hero Avril Lavigne. The duo sang Lavigne's hit 'I'm With You' and sounded nice, but the expression on Pope's face said it all: the girl was thrilled to be singing with someone she admired so much.
  • The coaches joined forces to sing a rendition of Green Day's 'Good Riddance (Time of Your Life),' most likely to honor Cee Lo and Christina, who will be departing 'The Voice' next season, and we were instantly transported back to high school. But the biggest question is why Cee Lo is wearing the same zebra outfit he wore the night before. C'mon now!

Do you agree with Cassadee being crowned the winner of 'The Voice' this season?! Make sure you leave us a comment letting us know your thoughts!

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