The Wanted are good sports during radio interviews. While chatting with ZMTV, the lads played the Electric Dog Collar Game. What’s that? Well, it’s when dog collars were placed around their necks during a New Zealand trivia game. If they bombed on a question, then they’d get a buzz from their, uh, necklaces. The boys — actually Jay McGuiness and Nathan Sykes served as the shockees — needed to brush up on their NZ history, since they failed miserably at this game.

It helps that the boys were downing beers during the interview, loosening up and making them a bit more apt to have shock collars placed on their necks.

The first five minutes of this clip consist of them being convinced to put the collars on in the first place, with the hosts mentioning that fellow U.K.’er Ed Sheeran did it. Oh, so if our fave ginger kid Ed jumped off a bridge, should we follow suit? You should probably skip to about six minutes in to get to the, uh good stuff.

That’s when Sykes gets zapped. McGuiness winces and braces for impact, so of course, the radio dudes in charge of the controls and administering the zaps make him wait to get his buzz. The boys answer incorrectly a variety of New Zealand topics, from how to spell regions, their locations and the names of sports teams.

Is their manager Scooter Braun aware of his charges being popped with electricity while promoting their music? Hey, if these boys are brave enough to swim with sharks, then they are men enough to take a little electrical charge to the neck during an interview.