If you're even casually interested in table top games, pen and paper RPGs, trading card games, comic books, manga, or anything remotely similar; you know that Amarillo is pretty accommodating place.We have no shortage of game shops and places to get comics in town.

In April, a new store will be having their grand opening. By new, I mean "new." The owners aren't new to the area. Neither is the store.

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Scrolling through my Facebook news feed today, I came across an ad for Unknown Comic Books. According to the ad, they're going to be having their grand opening in April at their new location.

If you go back through Unknown Comics' Facebook page, you'll notice that they're all about comics, as the name would suggest. The description of the store, however, says that it will be "a new kind of store" for our town.

They mention hosting all types of events from special guests to gaming.

Since the grand opening isn't until next month, I decided to check out the website to see I could get a glimpse of what all to expect.

Their website has sections for comics (of course), collectibles and toys, apparel, and games. The games portion of the site had a decent selection if you're into titles from Games Workshop. They've got the Warhammer universe covered. Other than that, we'll have to wait and see.

They did mention in the comments section of their Facebook ad that they will be carrying TCGs and D&D, along with other tabletop games.

I'm really hoping they'll have a big selection of tabletop games to choose from. Plus, I'm interested in seeing what kind of events they'll be hosting. You can check out their page on Facebook by following this link.

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