No one ever wants to be in a wreck. It's not fun and there's always more to it than the initial event. There's a right way and a wrong way to handle it and earlier today I definitely met 'wrong way' guy.

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So here's how it went down, I was heading down the road and moving over to the yield at the corner of the intersection and I noticed a truck behind me. Sure enough--the next thing I know, Im sticking out a foot into oncoming traffic and have got to move it or more bad things might happen to me. When I got out it took me a moment to collect my thoughts while he pulled into the parking lot to survey his vehicle. like any truck car collision his damage was pretty much limited to his bumper taking a nice ding to it and mine showing some damage in the back.


What makes upset is I just got my car back a few weeks ago after some damage from the nice winter storm we had earlier. What makes me mad is how my new friend was handling his truck damage.

I cant get fired!

Instead of the "Are you okay" dialogue that most folks open with after this event, I get treated to the "hey boss... let me pay you cash!" first off, I'm not your boss... I proceed to ask "why" I come to find out that this is a commercial truck and the guy will most likely get fired for the hit because "my foot slipped." He was hesitant to give me insurance because of this. I understand and I could just take the money but sometimes life lessons need to be learned. Besides the industry he is in and as young as he is,I guarantee he will land on his feet. Offering to pay is noble but I don't know the internal damage to the frame besides what the body took.

Are you okay?

This is what I wanted, first thing out of his mouth "are you okay?" its a simple courtesy to show that you actually have a sense of compassion and aren't all about your own needs first. And while my ego is bruised i'm physically okay. It's all about courtesy. No one wants to be in a wreck but at least remember to be a person first.

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