When you leave the house, what is that one thing you will not leave behind? Is there a certain thing you need to make your day complete? What can you not have enough of?

You don't need to say things like family, friends or loved ones. That is a given. I am talking more about an item that you need to have your life every day? For me, I don't leave my house without my cell phone. I am so lost without Siri. The other thing is Pepsi. I have always made that my drink of choice.

So what about you? What is the one thing you can't have enough of? Here is what some of you had said.

1. Alisha Osburn: Cherry Coke Zero

2. Claire Gleason: Time

3. Camren Burns: Love

4. Ellie Dennis: Buffalo Chicken Dip

5. Joe Smith: The Gym

Tell me in the comments section what you can't enough of.

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