As a parent we have a responsibility to teach our children to become successful adults.  That includes learning how to manage money, be self sufficient and more.  But occasionally we teach them stuff we do not mean to. 

Kids are sponges and pick up on everything, so I am very cautious about everything I do and say around my son.  I try not to cuss, I don't drink in front of him and I don't watch anything inappropriate.  But even with all my precautions, I still taught him something horrible.

My son is in the weird stage where he won't let me take any pictures of him.  So I do what most crazy moms do, I sneak them.  LOL.  Well, the other day I was sneaking pictures and accidentally hit record instead.  I captured a conversation of ours and I was shocked at what I had taught my son.

He was playing Minecraft and talking to the TV and he said hoe.  I said what did you say.  He immediately stopped and said, 'Mom there are two kinds of hoes, the garden hoe and then the slap hoes.'  I couldn't believe what he said so I asked him what was a slap hoe and he said you know when your talking about a person that is dumb and you say slap hoe.

Honestly, I can't remember saying that around him at all but obviously I have because he said he heard me say it.  I immediately had a talk with him about it.  That kind of language is unacceptable and rude.  I apologized for ever saying it.

I never meant to teach him bad language and feel like a terrible mother because of it. It was accidental, but still horrible.  Is there anything you've ever taught your children by accident?

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