Everybody has a certain aesthetic. And you know what the thing is about "aesthetic"?

It's unique. It's your aesthetic. You're drawn to what appeals to you, and there's nothing wrong with that.

So, why am I talking about aesthetic? Let me explain.

1009 S. Girl Scout Road

I'm hooked on browsing house listings. I'm not quite to the point of home ownership, but that doesn't mean I can't window shop, right? Well, window-shopping is exactly what I was doing when I came across this oddly unique listing with Triangle Realty, LLC.

First off, let's get the price tag out of the way: $1,375,000. 

Dead yet? Stay with me. You might want to live to see what kind of house has that price tag. It's neat, especially if you're someone who has an affinity for living outside the city limits and hunts.

Hold on, we'll get to the 'hunting' part in a minute.

Triangle Realty, LLC
Triangle Realty, LLC

This home is located in the Indian Hills area at 1009 S. Girl Scout Road. I would actually call it an 'estate' since it sits on 13 whopping acres of land.

Triangle Realty, LLC
Triangle Realty, LLC

The House

The home itself consists of 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and a 4 car garage along with a detached workshop. I'm a big fan of the covered patio and the deck that's right outside the master bedroom (there's even a fancy circular staircase to take you down to the pool!)

I don't typically like the "outdoorsy" country style aesthetic (see, there's that word again), but I am absolutely in love with how the rooms and interior design is shaped It often seems octagonal at times, giving it an almost-lofty feel. Those hallways are superb, too.

The Extras

This section is especially for the boys who have their toys: the workshop has a finished man cave, complete with a bathroom. Perfect for those times where you need absence to make your heart grow fonder, if you get my drift.

Both the workshop and the garage provide ample room for storage--and I do mean you could store a jumbo jet in the garage alone

But I've gone on long enough. Check out the lovely listing of 1009 Girl Scout Road for yourself!

1009 S Girl Scout Rd, Amarillo, TX

This gorgeous residential home is listed with Triangle Realty, LLC and has an asking price of $1,375,000. It's incredible location is sure to take your breath away.

You can view the original listing here.

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