Do you know, or work for someone who always seems to have an answer to a problem that doesn't exist? The person has solutions for everything, and no place to go with it, so they'll create an issue, and us their handy-dandy response.

A Texas state Representative has decided, our citizens are being oppressed with unnecessary turn signal laws. We'll call it the "Blinker Bill." Rep. Sam Harless, R-Spring, has introduced a bill that would bring relief to people, just to damn busy to use their turn indicator.

It's a burden, having to drive and let people know. you are turning.  Is it anybody's damn business what direction you are going? Next, you'll expect break lights to come on when someone stops.

Look, I got problems. Will the Cowboys resign Cole Beasley? Where will I park when Hodgetown opens? Am I wearing the right shade of red? I can't be jacking around, lighting up turn signals for everybody.

House Bill 2717, would make it legal, to not use your blinker if you are turning out of a left-only lane. It doesn't go all the way, to remove the boot of government off our turn indicator throats, but it's a start.

There are folks in Houston, cleaning up after the hurricane but Rep. Harless is seeking an end to the thugs on the road, who expect compliance of Texas laws on our roadways. You see, Harless and his wife own a car dealership in Houston,

Harless says a "constituent" asked him to carry the bill. Harless won't name the constituent, who may have been in the Texas House and a judge at one point, got a ticket for not using his turn signal while turning left, from a turn left lane.

A big shot judge gets a ticket, representative listens. I get a ticket, no one cares. Well, that's not true, as my insurance provider cares deeply.

The "domino" theory may apply here. If we ask people to signal their turns, the next thing you know, we'll be asked to turn on headlights at night; pull over when we hear sirens, or being asked to slow down in school zones. This is how Russia started.

There are many things the great state of Texas could be doing. This, ain't one of them.

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