You come in contact we these almost every day.

A new study by The Ecology Center, store receipts could be making you really sick.

They found that because of the thermal printers the stores use, 93% of their receipts tested positive for the chemicals BPA or BPS.

These chemicals have been linked to negative effects on your hormones and your metabolism . . . and they've even been linked to things like infertility and autism.

According to The Ecology Center, 90% of our exposure to these chemicals comes from receipts.

So, what can you do?  Avoid receipts. Most places now will email or text you a receipt. If you work in a store where you're touching receipts all day long, think about wearing gloves. It doesn’t hurt to wash your hands before eating if you do come in contact with a paper receipt.

Do you try to avoid receipts? What have you done to limit your contact with paper receipts? Tell us in the comment section below.




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