Make sure to wake up bright and early tomorrow morning as we will host a Cinco De Mayo party on the radio starting at 6am. We'll give you a chance at a $1,000 with Kuba the Cash Cow and also blowout tickets to the Venom game, Fajita festival, and the Cinco de Mayo party at Acapulco's! Check us out in the 7am hour as we play a game called "Name That Song." The twist to this game is  Tommy the Hacker is going to attempt to sing them in Spanish! We'll be giving out prizes if you can name that song. Then in the 8am hour we are going to turn things up and give you a special Cinco De Mayo "Dance Party" mix. Plus we'll share local gossip and stupid news of the day.

Check us out tomorrow as we get you into the Cinco De Mayo festivities from 6am-10am!

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