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It's been a real task finding ways to keep kids busy in 2020. In the spring there was learning from home. Then everything closed down for a little while, and some places are still not fully open. Now, we've got this nasty round of winter weather keeping the kids inside.

The wife and I try to really limit the amount of screen time that our kids get. Once we cut out tablets and phones, we noticed a drastic positive change in their behavior. It's tough to keep screen time to a minimum in 2020 though.

This is where one of my favorite things to do when I was growing up has really helped me out. We play board games. A lot of board games.

Right now, our three oldest love Dungeons & Dragons: The Adventure Begins. It's a great introduction to playing table top RPGs in general, and it's specifically aimed at younger kids.

There's a lot of reading involved, some really basic math, problem solving, and a lot of teamwork.

Unlike regular D&D, The Adventure Begins' story is determined by what encounter cards are drawn. That means every time you play, it's something different.

Everything has a visual representation on the table, so while using your imagination is part of the game; it's not required for everything.

Plus, you take turns being the DM who gets to read the encounter cards. In regular D&D, there's only one DM in control.

My kids also love playing the kids' version of Risk, and Mouse Trap. I have yet to win either one.

If you find yourself trying to find ways to keep the kids from tearing the house apart while they're trapped inside, consider reaching for the board games. It's an easy way to pass a couple of hours while you come up with something else to do.

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