Listen to the "Hacker Show" on Tuesday as we cover serious topics that are affecting our kids. I'll be having professionals counselors on hand to share and listen to stories that kids from Amarillo are going thru.

All calls and stories shared will be confidential. We'll also have special guest speakers. My friends from AISD will be on hand to help go over big issues going on such as Teen Bullying.

Almost 30 percent in teens across the U.S are estimated to be involved in school bullying as either the Bully, or the one being bullied.

Bullying has been going on for many years now. There's Cyb-er bullying over the Internet, bullying at home from parents, and bullying is even happening at school from students and teachers! A child can only take so much harassment, name calling, and being shoved around before they reach a breaking point. After being bullied to the point in which they think there is no way out, some even end up taking their own lives. Suicide is the 3 leading cause of death!

Teen Bullying happens in all different ways. For reasons ranging from the way you look, color & race, to how you dress! It's a very sad deal. AISD has put together a STOP BULLYING flash mob dance and have performed it all across Amarillo with hundreds of kids promoting this positive message.

So join us Tuesday night at 8pm on Kiss Fm as we help spread a positive message to others in a fight to STOP BULLYING!