Some of you might be doing some heavy drinking tonight and will be regretting the hangover the next day. When it comes to New Years Eve people love to drink out of control. And the next day they are regretting their choices, having to stay in bed all day and fight off the hangover from that night before. Combining beer with mixed drinks is not a good idea! You will be hurting the next day.

So here's my choice of what cures a hangover right away! It's a 3 letter word called 'PHO.'

Check out the video so you know what Pho is...

They also did a study a few years ago to find out what drink cures hangovers the fastest.

Sprite was the winner. So get some pho, get some Sprite, and cure that hangover! Or....don't drink at all.  Most importantly if you are going to drink, stay hydrated and drink responsibly!

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