After doing my blog Top 5 Speed Traps in Amarillo, I began to get emails and Facebook messages.  Nothing negative, actually ended up getting a lot of compliments on it!  But a new question was posed to me by a listener.  Where do the most traffic accidents occur?  Good question!  Hey possibly saving you money on a ticket is one thing, but possibly saving you're life with some vital information like this!  I'm all about that!  Fasten your seat belts!  It's too fast too furious as I take drifting to my top places to get into a traffic accident in Amarillo. 

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    45th & Bell - Amarillo High School

    High school students, angry parents, people commuting home from work, all ingredients that make up a traffic accident stew! I highly recommend you be on your toes in this area from 11a-1p and 3p-6p. We all see how crazy it gets on the stretch of Bell St. between 34th & 45th! You've got students crossing the street trying to get home from school, students that are just now getting their licenses, and PO'd parents that are trying to deal with the end of the day while picking up their children from school or just trying to get home to the family. Bell St. is a pretty busy street, once you add all these ingredients into the mix, you've got wrecks! I get calls all the time reporting accidents in this area, so make a mental note folks!

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    45th & Western

    Let's face it 45th St. can be a mess! Myself, family members, friends, I know far to many people that have been involved in a wreck on 45th street especially on the stretch between Bell & Western. It's a night hang out for street racers, and they have no brains to them. Why are you going to pick a busy street like 45th to street race on? It's chopped full of massive curves that you see fully built street race cars flying around! ARE YOU STREET RACERS THINKING!?! With Sonic Drive Inn being jammed full of teens (and 30 year old people that wanna hang out with teens) it just is not safe. Nights is when you need to really be on the look out here! If you see cars that look fast, the owners probably wanna show you how fast they are! Don't give them the chance! It's not worth your life to try and deal with stupidity.

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    I-27 & Downtown Interchange

    I have nobody to blame on this one but the hard working people of the Texas Panhandle and the travelers of the USA. I get that your in a hurry to get home, but unless there is a tornado on the ground, your house probably isn't going anywhere. Yet for some reason we have commuters causing accidents left and right on the interchange! You've got people leaving downtown to head home, people heading into downtown to work the evening shifts, and people that work in Amarillo but live in maybe Dumas or Borger that have an hour drive ahead of them just to get home. Then add in out of towners that are clueless! WHOA! It can get ugly! The interchange is easy for us because we see it everyday. Somebody from say Houston has no idea how it works. Maybe they are trying to head West on I-40, but are in the lane that takes them East and they don't realize till the last second. They jerk the wheel to get in the correct lane, and slam the guard rail, then slam into you. ALL DRIVE TIMES HAVE TO BE TAKEN WITH CAUTION HERE! AM drive time, lunch & afternoon drive are all messy on the interchange so keep both eyes open!

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    Coulter Street - Hospital District

    One of the perks of being the afternoon jock on KISS-FM is the amount of calls I get! I'm always in the studio and the good people of A-TX keep me well up to date about traffic conditions. This spot right here is a regular! I get calls all the time about accidents in the hospital district on Coulter from I-40 to Wallace Blvd. It makes sense when you think about it. The hospitals are some of the biggest employers in the area so when drive times hit, your dealing with a huge population of hospital employees that are pulling 12-14 hour shifts and leave work absolutely drained. Your also seeing doctors simply hauling but in their fancy cars in the area, dealing with emergency surgeries or just being pompous butt heads. When you add in distraught people that are dealing with the hospital because of death or sickness in friends, family or themselves it will get ugly! And all your trying to do is go see your friends newborn baby! Just look out all times when driving around the hospitals. The person in the car next to you could be a nurse that just pulled a double, a doctor that has 5 minutes to get to a surgery before somebody dies, or somebody that just got the news they have cancer.

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    34th & Georgia Intersection

    We've all seen the corner of 34th & Georgia, what did you see? A van with some brightly colored throw rugs hanging on the corner? Puppies for sale? Banzai trees maybe? When you were looking over in the parking lot at the cool stuff for sale, did you see the car in front of you slam on their brakes? Probably not, and now you've joined your front end to their rear end (I swear I'm not trying to sound dirty lol).  If you don't know I need to tell you, 34th & Georgia can be a very dangerous place because of all the distractions!  It's even got the best of me!  It should go without saying, but you gotta keep your eyes on the road here!  So when your driving in the intersection of 34th & Georgia and your friend sitting shotgun says "hey check out those cute puppies!"  DON'T YOU DO IT!  If you just gotta see the puppies, pull over in the parking lot that's why it's there!  I am speaking from experience here folks.  

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