A study by the journal PLOS Medicine reveals that some fruits and vegetables are better than others for losing weight. 

Foods with the Biggest Impact on Weight Loss:
- berries
- apples
- pears
- cauliflower
- broccoli
- cabbage

Foods with the Least Impact on Weight Loss:
- potatoes
- peas
- corn

I just did a thing called the Advocare 24-Day Challenge.  In addition to taking their supplements, I followed their recommended diet very closely.  It was easy to do, too.  It involved cutting back on carbs, NO sweets, NO soft drinks, lots of lean meats such as turkey breast, and veggies (lots of salads).

In the 24 days I was on this diet, I lost 13 pounds and LOTS of inches off my body.  I have since continued eating the same diet I ate in the challenge and now have lost 18 pounds.  The bad eating habits I had are now gone. I found several good recipes that taste great and keeps off the pounds.

Good luck in your diet!

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