Although I'm pretty sure he's not the reason, people are getting fatter during the Obama Years in Office. 

A new Gallup poll reveals that people have become more diabetic, overweight and stressed since Barack Obama took office.

In 2008, 25.5% of Americans were obese. Now, 28% are overweight.

In 2008, 10.6% of Americans had diabetes. Now, 11.4% have diabetes.

38.8% of Americans were stressed in 2008 compared to 40% today.

A survey published in the Daily Mail reveals that the average mother gained six pounds over summer break. Other findings:

- 50% of moms blamed their weight gain on snacking with their kids

- 52% of moms get anxious when stepping on a scale

- 40% of moms say they downed too much ice cream and alcohol

Okay, so what are some ways to lose weight safely?  Here's what I've been doing.

I took the Advocare 24-day Challenge.  It's a crash diet where you eat healthy and take supplements to cleanse your body and then lose the weight. I've lost 13 pounds and several inches off my body in the last 28 days.

They have not hired me as an endorser or paid me to say anything.  This is a real deal.

One thing the diet does is break you out of bad eating habits.  I don't want to eat all that junk food anymore.  I feel great too.  Try it out for your self.  Go to and learn more.

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