Here's part of the show where we take real stories either written to us or off our Kiss lines and look for your advice.We all know when it comes to advise I'm probably the worst person to come to for answers. But I can get some of our listeners to give their opinions so every Tuesday you will hear REAL stories from Real people right here in Amarillo. Here's a message we received from one of our listeners...

"Hey Tommy I'm sending you as message because I know your always looking for stories to talk about on your "Topic Tuesday" show. I ask that you leave my name out of it but I need some advice.

Last spring I was hanging out with a friend of mine (who just happens to be gay) invited me out to a local gay bar here in Amarillo. While we were there he introduced me to his boyfriend who was a bit older then him but very nice. We drank danced and had a lot of fun that night.

I recently started dating someone over the last 3 months. We've started to get really serious and just this past weekend he asked me to meet his parents. So we went to his parents house for a cookout to meet his mom and dad. When we walked in I was completely stunned to see that his father was the man that I was introduced to at the gay bar. I could tell that he recognized me because he face went pale white. This was super uncomfortable and I played it off like I've never seen him before. We ate dinner, stayed and chatted with his mom and dad for a bit, and then we left.

Ever since we left he's been asking me what's been bothering me. I'm afraid to tell him because he might get upset and leave or not believe me at all. It would also make me feel like a home-wrecker because his mother would eventually find out that her husband was hooking up with a guy!"

So there you have it anxiously awaiting HELP!

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