We are in full gear for Children's Miracle Network and we have a list of ways you can donate to CMN. This is my first year with CMN and I was amazed by how much goes back to the local children. I saw first hand at BSA what CMN has done for Pediatrics and NICU.

The machines the nurses use for NICU babies are incredible. As we walked through the NICU and saw the amazing nurses at work with the newborns was touching. It made me excited to be a part of CMN.

BSA staff nurse toured our station into the Pediatrics unit, I saw what CMN had done. Making sure all children had a place that was colorful and filled with activities and toys. The playground located outside where kids can still be kids.

I'm excited to be a part of something that is local and geared toward kids. Donations are easy, by phone or online. Become a Miracle Maker today. Let's celebrate the kids!

  • TSM Amarillo

    (806) 331-4357 Call The Radio Station

    Townsquare Media's Local DJs are at the Discovery Center broadcasting live with children and parents who have been touched by CMN.

  • TSM Amarillo

    (877) 335-5437 Call The National Line

    The National is always available outside the local stations broadcast. All you have to do is say you want your donation to stay in Amarillo.

  • 3

    Make A One Time Donation

    You can make a one time donation HERE. Every bit helps.

  • 4

    You Can Make Monthly Donation of $15

    You can keep a monthly donation going of $15. It's pretty simple, get signed up HERE, and your donation goes to the children in Amarillo who need it most.

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    You Can Use Paypal to Donate!

    Paypal is a wonderful way to make a transaction safe. No need to share bank information or card numbers. Paypal is the safe and easy way to make a donation.