We had a true blizzard in Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle, with winds reaching above 75mph!  Things got so bad, police were pulling people over to urge them to return home, the National Guard was even called in to aide!  The good news, the worst of it is over, the bad news, you could still be stuck in for another day.

The storm has done it's fair share of damage and literally crippled the city.  Leaving over 1,000 area residents with out power, about 800 of them in Amarillo, and basically shutting the city down for the entire day with such extreme dangers of driving.  I mean, just look at the pictures I took from my front door!


The National Guard, from my understanding, is here to help those that are stranded in their cars out in the country where not even a small town is within 20 miles.

It appears, we'll still have a lot of snow stuck to the ground tonight, and with the wind still kicking, we could still see some drifts develop.

With TXDOT back on the streets with their plows, mostly on the main streets and highways, I expect things to begin to get back to normal as we dig out from under all the snow.

We've determined that me and Tommy will at least be able to make it in tomorrow, so we'll be on air tomorrow morning with traffic updates, and any cancellations, delays or closings that may be taking place so make sure you listen.  We'll also keep our website up to date and share out to Facebook as much as possible!

In the meantime, for the day, just stay in, you don't need to be getting out it's absolutely nasty on the streets of Amarillo.

For information on Texas Road Conditions: 1(800)452-9292