In all of our talk about 2019 and what all happened, I can't believe we all forgot to mention this. 2019 was the year that licking ice cream and putting it back on the store shelf became a thing.

There were several reports about ice cream lickers all over the US. It seemed that a certain portion of the populace wanted a piece of that attention filled pie.

That's when we found out just how illegal tampering with products in a store really is. Some were threatened with felonies over their ice cream licking.

For the Port Arthur, TX ice cream licker, he's nabbed himself a misdemeanor.

According to reports, he has plead guilty to a class-a misdemeanor. His sentencing will be in March of this year. It all boiled down to criminal mischief.

He was one of the ones that claimed to have bought the ice cream after recording the video. He even claimed to have shown police the receipt.

I've never actually thought about the food I get from a grocery store. I always assumed that the food I was purchasing wasn't tampered with in any ill-mannered way.

After these reports started surfacing, I started checking to make sure the products were sealed. Even then, I wondered.

2020 is a new year, and hopefully this year we can leave the ice cream alone.

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