Wednesday's accident at 15th and Washington, in which a Toot N Totum convenience store was struck by a vehicle, leaves a woman hospitalized with non life-threatening injuries.

Amarillo Police:

"On 10-9-13, at 5:35 PM, officers responded to a traffic accident at 15th and S. Washington. They found that the driver, a local man age 73, had pulled out of the store parking lot at 1500 S. Washington and was attempting to go north on Washington. The vehicle accelerated suddenly, traveling north across the intersection of 15th and S. Washington on a green light, and turning west. The wide turn brought the path of the vehicle up on the sidewalk, where the car nearly hit the traffic signal pole on the northwest corner of the intersection. The out-of-control gold 1995 Buick then stuck a WF 59 that was standing on the sidewalk by a bus bench on 15th, ran over the bus bench, and then went south across SW 15th Avenue and struck the north side of the Toot ‘n Totum store. The woman that had been on the sidewalk was transported to the hospital with what is believed to be a non-life threatening injury, and was still hospitalized as of this morning. The driver told officers that the vehicle suddenly accelerated and that he had no idea what had caused the car’s uncontrolled acceleration."

No charges have been filed, which isn't that reassuring.  Officers are attempting to determine the cause of the collision.

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